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Paul Klee: His Life and Work

Fitting Paul Klee's extraordinary oeuvre into book form is certainly a complex endeavor--Klee's diverse body of work is always opening itself up to new interpretations, and has escaped classification under the aegis of any particular style, group, or movement. This monograph achieves this feat by offering Klee in all his uniqueness, never attempting to subject the artist and his work to one interpretation. Here we see Klee's organically developed and open-ended art, which sought inspiration everywhere and in turn inspired so many in all areas of the arts. Fairytale lyricism and grotesque satire, tender jesting and very real horror, profound mysticism and sober romanticism all coexist in Klee's images. These works radiate a variety and creative energy that is rarely seen in such profusion. "Paul Klee: Life and Work" presents a comprehensive selection of paintings and other images, documented in nearly 500 color and black-and-white images, alongside essays that explore the artist's life and offer surprising insights into his work. "To wander through Klee's work is a wonderful, exciting adventure, an adventure of the spirit and of the heart. Amazing insights into the spheres of nature, and material things, of bestial creatures and of human beings are revealed, insights into cosmic episodes full of wit and profundity."--Carola Giedion-Welcker

Harcover, 9.5 x 11.75 inches, 356 pages, 142 color and 310 black & white illustrations.


Paul Klee (Masters of Art)

This colorful monograph features and surveys the 150 best-known works of Paul Klee, an artist famous for the playful complexity of his multi-media images. Klee never ceased his quest for new subjects and sources of inspiration, and he experimented with geometry, materials, and color to represent fauna and flora, music, the diurnal, and the nocturnal.

As a teacher at the famous Bauhaus School in Weimar, Klee played an important role in the evolution of applied arts. Author Jean-Louis Ferrier provides an insightful text that explains the complex, often misunderstood work of Klee. In addition, this monograph includes extracts from Klee's theatrical work, including the famous Pedagogical Sketchbook used by his students at the Bauhaus.

Comprehensive and fresh, this new study of Paul Klee will delight students and enthusiasts of twentieth-century art.


Dreaming Pictures : Paul Klee...

With the help of amusing questions and comments from children, the viewer's eyes are taken on a tour of Klee's pictures. 'Dreaming Pictures' provides an insight into the artist's composition, unlocking the paintings' mysteries and revealing the pleasures to be found by entering Klee's dream world.


Paul Klee: Selected by Genius, 1917-33

Produced in close cooperation with the Klee Foundation in Bern, this catlogues gathers together the artist's outstanding masterpieces of the years 1917-1933. This extraordinary survey, which includes works which Klee originally intended to keep for himself, has been made possible by loans from the collection of Angela Rosengart in Lucerne, the Klee Foundation in Bern, and many private collectors. Many of these works are being presented to a wide audience for the first time.